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Smart Armor! A Natural Bug Repellent


Summer is coming! The weather tries to trick us into thinking otherwise but I swear the season is on its way. We can almost feel the heat of the sunshine on our faces, the glittering water of the ocean getting warmer, and the insects coming out of hiding to pester us. Thankfully there’s a solution to that. A solution that is certified organic, cruelty free, made with renewable energy, gluten free, vegan and smells amazing!


This is the Smart Armor Perfume Spray and Perfume Serum. Say goodbye to that toxic citronella candle and those harmful, harsh, chemical-smelling repellent sprays. The Smart Armour Perfume Spray use plant-powered science to blend bug resisting oils with an active aromatic essential oil blend to keep you safe from stings and bites while exuding a fresh, compelling scent all day. The warm, woodsy notes of cedar and clove along with fragrant top notes of refreshing peppermint, herbaceous lemongrass and flowery geranium make for the perfect blend. The multi-functional perfume spray doubles as a diffuser and can be paired with the perfume serum for added benefits and heightened scent experience that will last.

Most insect repellent sprays and candles contain toxic ingredients that are harmful to water, soil and pollinators and can even start to dissolve other materials such as plastic, rayon, spandex and leather. Smart Armor is 100% DEET-free, non-toxic, certified organic plant powered as well as 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment.
Intelligent Nutrients makes it easy for us to stay safe from insects year-round and feel good about what we’re spraying onto our bodies, our children’s bodies, and onto the Earth (it’s safe for pets too!). Whether it’s a weekend camping trip, a backyard BBQ or just walking to work – we’ve got you covered!

Smart Armor Perfume Spray is on sale: 20% off.


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