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54 Uses For All-Purpose Bleach Alternative




We love to give our laundry and home an extra boost of clean. This nontoxic, biodegradable, and fragrance-free alternative to chlorine bleach works wonders to safely remove dirt, stains, and odors. Add to the wash cycle to whiten and brighten clothes—it’s safe for colors. You can also use this single product to clean your entire home—floors, tiles, sinks, and surfaces.

Highly concentrated—up to 32 washes, 64 soaks, and 128 stains.

Looking for a cleaning product that is truly the jack of all trades? Enter The Laundress All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. Not only does this nontoxic, biodegradable, and eco-friendly alternative to chlorine bleach leave our homes sparkling clean from bathroom to kitchen, but it also makes our wardrobe look that much better!


Read on to learn 54 ways we’ve incorporated this multipurpose product into our cleaning routine.

1. Brighten and remove dirt from tennis shoes (rubber, fabric, shoe laces)
2. Lift coffee stains from clothing
3. Remove rich stains
4. Presoak soiled items in a bath of hot water
5. Add directly to washing machines to boost colors and brighten whites
6. Remove ring around the collar
7. Remove pit stains
8. Deodorize litter boxes
9. Remove and deodorize pet stains on carpets
10. Whiten and clean walls
11. Clean and remove rust from irons
12. Freshen carpets and carpet padding
13. Renew stained upholstery
14. Freshen and remove stains from curtains and sheers
15. Clean soot from fireplaces
16. Mop floors (i.e. brick, tile, linoleum, hardwood: be sure to dissolve in hot water)
17. Add to carpet cleaning machine with hot water
18. Brighten and renew dingy dish rags
19. Clean mold from steamers’ water tanks
20. Clean and deodorize musty washing machines (interior and exterior)
21. Freshen mattresses
22. Remedy water marks
23. Sanitize cutting boards
24. Freshen garbage disposals
25. De-stain plastic kitchenware
26. De-stain coffee pots
27. Remove food stains from Tupperware
28. Brighten and sanitize kitchen counters
29. Add to the dishwasher to clean dishes and the machine
30. Remove baked-on messes from cookware
31. Clean ovens
32. Clean cook tops
33. Rid glassware of streaks
34. Polish porcelain sinks
35. Unclog drains
36. Clean mold and mildew on hard surfaces
37. Brighten bathroom tiles
38. Clean bathroom grout
39. Flush septic tanks
40. Soak shower curtains in a bath of hot water to avoid or remove mildew
41. Decalcify shower head
42. Disinfect bedpans
43. Clean toilet bowls
44. Remove soap scum (granite, marble, porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass)
45. Sanitize baby bottles and reusable water bottles
46. Brighten baby clothing and bedding safely
47. Deodorize diaper bins
48. Kill garden weeds
49. Clean concrete
50. Clean wood fencing and brighten bricks by dissolving in hot water and scrubbing with scrub brush
51. Clean lawn furniture
52. Clean and deodorize coolers
53. Clean boat cushions
54. Disinfect birdbaths

The Laundress Product of Perfection

While other bleaches are made with hydrogen peroxide and contain blue dye, the All-Purpose Bleach Alternative is a 100% sodium percarbonate, chlorine-free oxygen bleach that has no artificial dye and is color safe. It also features beads that activate on contact making it more effective than liquid bleaches, which are pre-activated in packaging.

Source and photo: The Laundress

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