A Beginner’s Guide to Fur’s Products


Hi, we’re Fur.

We were created fur you—whoever you are, and whatever your relationship with shaving, waxing, or lack thereof. Because what you do with your body is your business, bottling the cleanest and most effective ingredients for your body is ours. Our products simply empower you to make your own hydration, hair-removal, and clarifying choices without having to worry about toxic ingredients, razor burn, ingrown hairs, or stubborn stubble.  We believe it’s our responsibility to provide you with the best natural products we can create, and so much of this is in the ingredients. From tea tree oil to vitamin complexes, from chamomile to pineapple enzymes, the beauty of Fur is in the creative approach to the natural.

When it comes to our products, you can rest assured that each has been approved by dermatologists and gynecologists alike, and that each is vegan, gluten-free, and toxin free (that includes phthalates, parabens, silicones, sulfates, cortisone, and artificial dyes and fragrances.) Our line was created by women who believe in the importance of natural skincare for every part of your body—from your most intimate parts to your armpits, legs, or wherever hair meets skin.

Here’s your guide to all of our products. We can’t wait for you to try them.

  1. Fur Oil. Our signature. We created Fur Oil specifically for the pubic area, but just like all of our products, it’s intended for anywhere that ‘hair meets skin.’ Fur Oil softens hair and skin alike, providing for an easier shave (if you prefer hairless smooth) and soft fur (if you prefer to skip the razor). Emma Watson is a fan, and we don’t blame her – she recommends using it on your eyebrows and the ends of your hair, too.
  1. Stubble Cream. This moisturizer is best used post-shaving, and does much more than just moisturize the skin. True to its name, it softens stubble and supports smoother hair regrowth. Olive extracts also support finer hair regrowth.
  1. Ingrown Concentrate. We know that ingrown hairs are the worst, so we created a solution to combat those persistent bumps. It soothes irritation and ingrown hairs thanks to ingredients like chamomile oil, and comes with an exfoliating mitt for the application process.
  1. Silk Scrub. Exfoliation is a crucial step in skincare regimen, especially where hair removal is involved. To chase away dead skin cells to prevent ingrown hairs and support silky skin, our Silk Scrub boasts natural jojoba beads for a gentle exfoliation geared towards hair follicles and pores. Plastic microbeads? We don’t know her.

We also have bundles, so you can try them all at once. Can’t decide which one is for you? Go with our Fuller Frontal bundle. It’s all the products in one, and the perfect introduction for beginners.

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