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Green & Pure is more than a beauty boutique. It is a way of quality living and a concept of ideal life attitude. We believe in green living and a sustainable lifestyle. Our products are carefully handpicked, and we aim at providing you only the highest quality of natural and organic personal care products. The fewer toxins we apply on our body, the healthier we will be and the least adverse effect we will bring to the environment.

At Green & Pure, you will find that beauty and health can co-exist harmoniously!

“Nature is always right”

For thousands of years, human beings have discovered the power of Mother Nature and its wonderful resources. Returning to nature is the best choice we can make to attain a quality living.


At Green & Pure, we emphasize on long-term effects and implications. We strictly move away from these toxic ingredients that against nature to achieve instant but short-term results. After all, those substances are threatening our existence and the well being of Mother Nature.

“Appropriate technology”

We ensure that the products we select are made and processed only with appropriate technology during their production, thus preserving the natural ingredients in their purest stage. In addition, by eliminating the application of invasive technology such as Botox and injectable fillers, we can keep away from those side-effects and potential health risks.

“Holistic approach”

We view beauty products as a supplement to enhance our skin’s health and reinstate its natural protective mechanism. It is important not to over rely on skincare products as we understand that our body is designed to repair itself naturally over time. Our focus should be on attaining the overall balances of our body, mind and soul. Only through this we can be truly beautiful inside out.

“No testing on animals”

We believe testing products on animals to ensure their safety is incredibly cruel and also not the most effective way to test for a product’s safety.

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