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  • How can I get product samples?
    Up to 3 free product samples are offered to customers along with each order.  Simply check-out with the purchased items, on the “2. Billing & Shipping” step of the check-out process you will find an “Order Notes” box on the right of the screen.  Type in the box with up to 3 products that you are interested and samples will be included in your shipment.

    Do you like what you tried? Do you have any questions about the product samples?  Your feedbacks and comments are extremely valuable to us, and we would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us by filling out the enquiry form or email us at info@greenandpure.com.
  • Will I see an instant improvement on my skin?

    We recommend using the product for at least one to two weeks before you start seeing some improvement but this will also depend on other factors: skin condition, lifestyle, exercise, a healthy diet with plenty of water and the products used.

  • What if I have specific allergies?

    As a general rule you should always consult your general health practitioner if you have any concerns and we do provide lists of all the ingredients contained in each of our products to help answer your questions. Do a patch test with the product in question and see if you have a reaction against it which includes redness or itchiness. If you have a reaction stop using the product and we can help you find an alternative.

    Pregnant mothers should also consult with their general health practitioner if there are concerns with allergies.

Ingredients to Avoid

  • What are the possible harmful effects could come from just a bottle of non-organic beauty product?
    This is a question that may come across your mind as you research into organic beauty products. Well, we know that a person can expose themselves to a couple of hundred types of chemicals to their skin on a daily basis from different beauty products. These chemicals pass through the skin replica rolex and into the bloodstream very easily and can target certain major organs, e.g. kidneys and liver. This leads us to the fact that about 10% of all ingredients used in conventional products have been tested for safety. Dangerous chemicals therefore slip through the regulatory agencies and maybe used for several years or decades before evidence appears showing their adverse effects on human health.
  • What about fluoride in toothpaste?

    There have been some health concerns about the addition of fluoride in regular brands of toothpaste. We believe that fluoride (Sodium Fluoride) is toxic and should be avoided. We provide alternatives that are fluoride free, SLS free and Triclosan free.

  • What about deodorants?

    Most conventional deodorants contain aluminum which is toxic and may cause breast cancer. Our products use plant-based non-toxic ingredients that neutralize odour causing bacteria without harming the body.

Organic Products

  • Why use organic products?

    At Green and Pure Organic Beauty, we are seriously passionate about beauty and personal care products that are based on natural and organic ingredients without any toxic chemicals. It is because of this that we would like to give you a few reasons as to why you should seriously consider using these products:

    People with sensitive skin often find that organic products are gentler to the skin. Conventional products often contain synthetic ingredients, additives and preservatives which can be harsh irritants to the skin and harmful to your health over extended periods of use. Examples of these include petroleum waxes, fillers and artificial chemicals which act as preservatives to these products. Organic products are made with plant-based ingredients that are grown free of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, hormone disruptors and genetically modified organisms.

    Organic products draw from ideas and methods that people used for many centuries employing ingredients that are natural and simple to clean, condition, exfoliate and protect the skin. We are committed to the same ethos and strive to provide products that are free from harmful synthetic ingredients, cagewatches and work better for your skin. One can ask: why can't I make my own from organic ingredients? Well, in today's busy society we do the work for you so you can spend your time enjoying life.

    Organic products are kinder to the environment since synthetic products are mostly petroleum-based and are processed using potentially toxic chemicals. Opting to buy conventional products encourages the use of these undesired sources and so organic products provide an alternative solution that enhance and support the health of the Earth.

  • Does it really make a difference using organically based beauty products?

    Yes it does. When you think about how herbal remedies, e.g. Western or Chinese herbal medicine has successfully withstood the test of time in treating sicknesses. Beauty products based on natural ingredients act in the same way because they are a complex synergistic mixture of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, essential fatty acids and other active ingredients.

  • Can I use different brand products together?
    There should be no problem using multiple products together since they are all plant-based and non-toxic in nature.

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