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Organic life is a respect for nature, a means to feel closer to our environment, and a sustainable way of living. We should therefore be mindful in using more natural and organic products, and less harmful chemicals. Learn to cherish the limited resources of the Earth and try to go “green” in every aspect of life. Live free, live healthy!


Most of us are not aware that our beauty products are similar to food for our skin. If we choose to eat organically and naturally, why shouldn’t we choose to use organic and natural products to feed our skin?

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and more than 60-80% of personal care products are absorbed into our system directly through it. Most conventional personal care products are derived from petroleum and synthetic chemicals. Some of these ingredients can even increase the chances of developing cancerous cells and disrupting hormonal cycle.

Conventional products might provide instant and superficial results; however, the adverse effects of the harmful chemical contents can be detrimental in the long run. Natural botanicals on the other hand have lots of beneficial properties tailored for our skin. You can rest assured that there will be no side effects and other undesirable influences.


Mother’s body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy and requires delicate care. Because of hormonal imbalances, skin conditions may become fragile and sensitive. Pigmentation may develop and stretch marks may appear on the body. Most importantly, the products containing harmful substance can be absorbed by the mother and easily transferred to the baby through the placenta. That alone is a good reason for a mother to choose non-toxic natural products instead of conventional products.


Since babies’ immune system is not yet fully developed, their skin is more vulnerable and susceptible to irritation and infection. Their dermis layers are also thinner, thus making them more absorbent to harmful ingredients. However, many conventional baby care products contain toxic ingredients such as the talc (talc powder) in baby powder and petroleum by-products in baby oil. These ingredients are particularly harmful to developing babies as it can lead to higher risk of chronic diseases in the future.
To help parents make the right choice in the products they use for their babies, we have pre-selected a series of certified organic products replica breitling that provide necessary nourishment and pampering for the babies’ precious sundresses skin. Now all you have to do is to pick out what your babies need the most. After all, it’s the parents who know their babies best!


  1. Choose certified natural or organic products. Look for the certification seals:Please refer to our “Organic Certification” section.
  2. Know the manufacturers, their philosophy and integrity. At Green and Pure, we evaluate all the brands and their products that we offer ensuring safety and effectiveness.

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