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One of the world’s first skin care product to contain cellular activator made in plants

Representing the future of scientific skin care, the BIOEFFECT skin care products replenish, nourish and repair the look of ageing skin. Based on 10 years of biotechnology research in Iceland they contain EGF cellular activator, a skin protein which signals the skin to speed up its renewal process. The EGF is copied from human skin and made in barley seeds to ensure maximum efficacy and purity.

Developed in collaboration with leading specialists in biochemistry and dermatology, formulated whtout preservatives, fragrances or unessential chemicals the BIOEFFECT EGF Serum bring youthful glow and radiance to even the most stressed or sensitive skin.

Made in Iceland

Iceland… majestic panoramas and untamed natural forces; volcanoes, geysers, springs and waterfalls; midnight sun, true wilderness, isolation, total silence and infinite horizons…

At heart, Iceland is a place of pioneering discovery. With such a dramatic landscape as our backdrop, Icelanders have learned to shape a life of innovation and deep interdependency on our rock’s natural resources. The success of BIOEFFECT lies in the skill and commitment of some of our country’s finest scientific minds – men and women who are passionate about research; people with a deep respect for the earth’s provision, seeking to work in harmony with the environment to reveal, harness and protect some of nature’s most bountiful riches.

This is the BIOEFFECT story.


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