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100% Raw Organic Matcha Canadian company with two goals. To provide the best tasting and easiest to use matcha on the planet. Yum.

A couple of things we would like to highlight about Matcha Ninja that make it different to regular matcha:

  1. It is not bitter like most matcha because we take the stems out of the leafs before we grind them into the powder.
  2. You can enjoy it warm or cold. Because this blend is cold water super soluble you don't need a whisk and bowl. Just add 1/2 tsp to a water bottle and shake a little. Also great in a juice/smoothie.
  3. It is also delicious served the traditional way with the whisk and bowl. Add 80C water.
  4. It is fully USDA, Canadian, European certified organic. 100% raw organic matcha. No other ingredients.

Tasting Notes: Our matcha has a light, non-bitter and delicate taste loved by first-time and seasoned matcha tea drinkers.

You are now a Matcha Ninja!


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