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Karma Organic – Kids Bubblegum Scented Nontoxic Natural Nail Polish Remover

4 fl oz


Kids natural nail polish remover cleans and removes even the shady and darkest polish from your nails

Bubble gum scented nail polish remover is tested to remove nail polish faster and easier

Karma organic natural kids nail polish remover is free from toxic, acetone and alcohol, things which dries out your skin and damages the nails

After the nail polish is removed your nails will remain moisturized which helps them to return in their natural and beautiful state also applied on artificial nails


Oil based formula
Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover’s oil-based formula nourishes the nail bed instead of drying them out.

Bubblegum Scented:
Karma Organic’s Kids Nail Polish Remover will absolutely challenge your traditional belief of how “regular” Nail Polish Removers works and most importantly what should be its fragrance.

Easy to Use:
The added bonus is the acetone-free and toxic-free nature of the product. In most cases, you only need to use one thoroughly moisturized cotton ball to remove polish from all of your fingers.

Propylene Carbonate – An odorless, colorless liquid used as a solvent. Soybean Oil Methyl Exeter – Used as a solvent in liquid separations. Tocopheryl Acetate – Also known as Vitamin E, common vitamin supplement. (4Fluid Ounces). Guaranteed to be Soy Based, Non-Toxic, Non-Carcinogenic, Free of any Petroleum Ingredients, and Derived from Farm Crops (supporting American Farmers)

Not work’s on:
Our Nail Polish Remover will not work on Gel or Acrylic treated nails.

Customer Satisfaction:
Karma Organic Nail Polish Remover can be used on all varieties of Nail Polishes, not just Karma branded Nail Polishes. Most people’s reaction is almost of “shock” when they first smell the Karma Nail Polish Removers. A typical reaction is: “that can’t be Nail Polish Remover”!! Our customers become hooked on using the product, not only because of the pleasant odor but also because the Remover actually nourishes the nail bed as opposed to drying them out.



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