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Spanish Gardenia Petal Topped Candle

170g (6 oz.)


Created from the oils of the gardenia flower with notes of tuberose and geranium leaf, this saturating, seductive scent is like losing yourself in a slow song full of hum and night and flowers.

Features & benefits

  • Permeating scent of the full-blossomed, softly breathing Gardenia flower
  • Topped with scented petals
  • 15% unadulterated pure flower fragrance (industry standard 2%-6%)
  • Slow-burning, cosmetic grade and vegetable based soft wax that ensures an even and clean burn from top to bottom of the candle
  • Pure cotton wick
  • Burns for 45 – 50 hours

How to apply

Lift the cap off of the candle, remove the scented petals from the top. Trim the wick after removing the petals and the candle will live longer. Scented petals can be used in a warm bath, scattered in a room or drawer, or can be made into a fragrance sachet.


Essential oil blend: gardenia, rose geranium, guaiac wood, orange peel and clove buds, vegetable based candle wax

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