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The laundress – Scrub Brush


Made with natural Tampico bristles and an ergonomic wooden handle, this brush makes general cleaning and getting to hard-to-reach areas a snap. Great for bathroom tiles, toilets, and kitchen floors.



To scrub large surfaces, use with All-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate. Mix concentrate with hot water in a bucket, then dip the Scrub Brush into the mixture. For heavily soiled areas, use with All-Purpose Bleach Alternative. To clean Pergo floors, use with Scented Vinegar.

To clean:
After each use, clean the Scrub Brush with liquid soap under hot water.

1 Scrub away soap scum from bathroom tiles with a combo of 550 and 547. 2 Scrub away mold and mildew with a mixture of 567 and 547. 3 For sparkling floors and large surfaces, mix 548 with hot water in the 96. 4 Clean bristles using 551 and hot water.

Did you know…

This durable brush is made with the best natural fibers for cleaning all stains and durable surfaces. Safe to use in high temperature and longer-lasting and more effective than grocery store-brand brushes.

We recommend using separate brushes for different areas such as kitchen, bath, and laundry.

Soap scum is a film or residue cause by calcium, other minerals, and soap. It is often found in tubs, sinks, and shower rooms. Similarly, limescale is a calcium deposit caused by evaporated hard water, often found in teakettles, coffeepots, faucets, and bathtubs. A mixture of All-Purpose Bleach Alternative and Scented Vinegar is most effective for removing the buildup of both soap scum and limescale. Please note that vinegar cannot be used on marble or limestone surfaces.

Mildew forms over time on damp surfaces and textiles. It’s better to clean weekly to prevent buildup; however, when treating infrequently washed items such as shower curtains, outdoor curtains, and furniture use the Scrub Brush and a mixture of Stain Solution and All-Purpose Bleach Alternative to thoroughly remove any buildup.

Use separate brushes.
Use hot water.

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